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# lssrc -a | grep sysl
syslogd       ras             274566       active
# stopsrc -s syslogd && startsrc -s syslogd
# stopsrc -g ras && startsrc -g ras
# refresh -s syslogd



When I try to start sendmail via SRC sendmail is not started and in syslog i get this:

Jul 2 15:19:32 axpsapp1 sendmail[28748]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root):
Invalid operation mode: use the "-bd" flag when invoking sendmail via SRC

In /etc/rc.tcpip I have:

start /usr/lib/sendmail "$src_running" "-bd -q${qpi}"

As far as I know, SRC should start sendmail with -bd flag. System iz AIX 5100-05. Any idea what might be a problem?

Try this:

# startsrc -s sendmail -a "-bd -q30"